Boudoir Education Like You've Never Seen It

Double Your Poses, Double Your Funds 

Posing is one of the most important parts of boudoir, and it is what separates those thriving in their boudoir business, from the ones struggling.

  • 150+ Posing cards with detailed prompts so you'll never stress about the next pose. 
  • Posing in tiny rooms: How to shoot an entire client session in a room less than 100 sqft with just one window
  • Posing Diverse Bodies: How to pose and photograph women of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Posing Nude: How to create beautiful nude portraits, encourage your clients to take the leap for some of their favorite photos. 
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The Boudoir Accelerator Course 2.0

I get it--starting your own business (especially one as intimate as boudoir photography) is terrifying! Spend a whole day immersed in a virtual mentorship with a six-figure earning boudoir photographer who can teach you about:

  • My 25 Best-Selling Poses
  • Marketing with Evoke Boudoir
  • How to Price Yourself
  • Upselling Almost Every Client
  • Bonus: Boudoir as a Male Photographer
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Ever Summer Presets

One-click presets specifically designed for portraits to get you those beautiful skin tones, speed up your workflow, and start creating in the way you want to.

  • Designed specifically for portraits
  • Beautiful skin tones
  • Striking black and whites
  • Speed up your workflow
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10-Part Business Start

Everything you need to get done before you get your first inquiry... including

  • Building your Personal Brand
  • Registering your Business
  • Social Media setup to convert lookers to buyers
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • Tax Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Accountability worksheet
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Outfit Guide Template

A fully and easily customizable outfit guide template!

Designed in Canva

  • Never have a client show up with bad outfits again!
  • Drag and drop your own images in!
  • Use as a lead magnet to collect emails to book more clients!
  • Help your clients feel confident about their outfits for their photoshoot!
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The Boudoir Contract

Put together by a top firm in LA. Get a rock-solid Boudoir Contract to protect you and your business!

Boudoir is a unique industry with provisions different from typical portraits, make sure you're covered!

What you'll get:

  • A Customizable Boudoir Contract
  • Video tutorial for how to get signatures online
  • Michael's Permission Slip for sharing photos
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Boudoir Videography 2.0

Create amazing videos guaranteed to increase your average sale, book more clients, and enhance your brand! You'll learn:

  • Basic video editing in under 30 minutes on both Mac and PC
  • Getting stable video shots without extra gear
  • 11-step shot list to guarantee amazing posing and compelling video
  • Easy camera settings
  • How to choose the right gear
  • How to find the perfect song
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Finding Models Course

Learn how to search, message, and photograph models anywhere in the world, no matter how large or small your portfolio or following is.

  • Two full BTS photoshoots
  • Screen recordings of my exact messages that work
  • Building rapport and communication
  • Voice overs walking you through my thought process
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Your Instructor

Chief Instructor

Michael Sasser

Hello friend! Nice to meet you! I am Michael Sasser, your instructor for this course and I am SO excited to meet you. I have been a professional photographer for 11 years (I know, I can't believe it either!). My first job was photographing children's sports for 16 hours a day in the dead of summer for less than $10 an hour. I decided that I needed to make a change if I was going to make this a real living. I photographed high school senior portraits, headshots, weddings, even music videos and wedding videos until I found boudoir. Now, I've been exclusively photographing boudoir for over 6 years, improving the lives of my clients and enjoying the extra time (and income!) it requires to travel more. I can't wait to help you reach your goals!

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