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In less than a month, you can build a brand that establishes you as an expert, brings in more money, and draws in your dreamboat clients like bees to honey...


...without feeling like you have to change who you are or have all the answers.


You are the photographer that is motivated (af) to get started, but aren't sure exactly what all that entails. You want your business to be officially official, but you don't speak legal-ese and are terrified to make a mistake. You have soaked up what you can and are posting your best work (even taking a stab at the stupid IG reels), trying to learn TikTok, sending out a weekly email.. doing all the things but still feel like the clients you're booking don't really get you. You wanna be a lean, mean, content-creation machine...but are totally lost at what to say and when to say it.

Sounds to me like you're ready to make play.

And I'm willing to bet that you've already given it the old college try in one way or another...

  • Forking over your email address for every freebie that promises to help you 10x your bookings and skyrocket your sales
  • Pouring over Youtube videos, trying to decide who you can trust to teach you how to make your biz thrive
  • Posting every day (and slapping whatever applicable quote you can find in the caption because you can't stare at that blinking cursor any longer)
  • Changing your website host (bc that must be why the crickets are so loud around here)
  • Phoning a friend-i.e. the blind leading the blind
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The 10-Part Business Start was created to help photographers with all the things that no one is talking about.

Because let's be honest-you are an artist, not a:


I'm done watching creatives get lost beneath all the hats it takes to keep things afloat. This guide is a step-by-step framework-a road-map designed to give you the confidence to navigate the nitty-gritty foundational aspects of your biz.



Gone are the days that building a kick-ass boudoir business is just a pipe dream living rent free in your head.  Because I believe that there are clients out there searching high and low for an experience that only you can give them.

 This 50 page PDF is chock-full of information (not fluff) that is going to help you:

 -identify what makes you special so that you can use that secret sauce to make your business stand out

-navigate the un-sexy p’s and q’s of making your biz legit (cuing all the eye-rolls as we discuss filings, taxes,+ insurance)

-explore all of the different ways you can use social media to connect with your dream client

-understand the kind of coin $$ it’s going to take to keep your new venture afloat (so that you can price for profit, because who wants to work for free!?)

-build a portfolio you are proud of (even if you’ve never actually had a client yet!)

-create a compelling website that has potential clients falling in love with who you are, and what you’re all about

-crush any goal you set for yourself

Including an Accountability Workbook

All the info in the world won't level up your business without you sticking with it. So I've created this workbook to make it easy to complete each exercise in the course. Print it out and watch your business progress as you simply check off each section!

What Photogs are saying about


Ashley - Awakened Boudoir

“Your guide helped me to see where I have gaps and holes in my business, where I should be more intentional in my branding by really getting to know my target audience, and how to get laser clear on my goals so that I can actually hit them.  I’m grateful for the light this has shed on my business so that I can work on these things to make my life and business easier/more fulfilling!”

Samantha - Siren Star Photography

I just got the guide and it's already helped me out immensely! I've been wanting to rebrand my business for a while now and this was super helpful! It helped me narrow down who my ideal client is, and gave me a ton of info about working with social media to reach potential clients! I'm now reworking every aspect of my business thanks to Michael Sasser and this new guide! 

I've already started reworking my highlights and making them look really nice!

Andrew Basson

I have been lacking the motivation to get my business started, but after going through this course it not only kept me on track of things but helped me better plan out my business The accountability worksheet is WORTH THE PRICE ALONE, I finally have a clear plan move forward with my business. Seriously, 

That little workbook thingy is GOLD



1. Building Your Personal Brand

- Shaping the way clients perceive/interact with the backbone of your business

✅ 2. Choosing the Perfect Business Name

- Boudoir is a personal business, it's intimate and your business name should be no different.

✅ 3. Registering Your Business

- Rest easy knowing you are official

✅ 4. High Converting Social Media Accounts

- Harnessing the power of the internet to turn lookers into buyers

✅ 5. Building Your Portfolio

Not just high quality, but consistent and relatable images are an essential part of building a successful photography business.

✅ 6. Cost of Doing Business

- So that you know exactly what you need to charge to be profitable 

✅ 7.  Business Insurance

- Boring as sh*t, but boy is it important!

✅ 8. Taxes

The essentials in understanding the different types of taxes and how to track expenses and how to prepare for tax season.

✅ 9. Your Converting Website

- Using your most important asset to make it easy for clients to find, connect, and book with you

10. Goal Setting

- None of this works unless you do, so this section will help you set (and stick to!) the goals that will get you where you want to go.

Hey There!

I’m Michael, and I can’t wait to help you crack the code on the wildly successful boudoir business you are dreaming of.  

Because that’s what it feels like right now, huh?  A dream. A longing in your heart that tugs at you all the time.  But no matter how much it beckons you, you feel soooo stuck on how exactly you are going to pull this off…so you hesitate.  

You stand out on the ledge, but you never jump.

I’ve been a photographer for 16 frickin’ years, and no matter how much time goes by,  I can still remember what it felt to be a newbie biz owner.  I had the dreams, too.  

Living a life I designed was so close I could almost taste it:

-creating my own schedule
-spending time with my friends
-going on epic adventures
-being one of the best photogs in LA

But because I didn’t have any clue what to do next, I felt like I had to wait. 

Wait until I felt like I knew what I was doing.  Wait until I had a bigger, better space.  Wait to be more experienced.

Eventually though….I got tired of waiting.

I realized that everything holding me back was just a story that I’d made up in my head to make my reality more comfortable.

So I got serious about taking the first step, even though i couldn’t see the whole staircase.  I didn’t over complicate it—I just got just 5% better in each area of my business.  While alone that didn’t do much, collectively it prepared me to take on LA.

That’s what I want to help you do, friend.

See, my superpower is in taking concepts that are big/intimidating/scary/complicated and making them accessible, simple and doable. That’s exactly what this guide is about.  

It takes all the daunting aspects of running your business, and breaks them down into simple, actionable steps.

We are going to take one step. And then another. 

In just a few months time (or even less!), you are going to be BLOWN AWAY at the traction you’ve generated.


Let’s build the business that is keeping you up at night.



You wanted to become a boudoir photographer to find your people.  

Clients that could work with anyone, but travel from near and far because you make them feel like they belong.  You get them—no one else will do.

Clients that trust your vision and allow you to create the ARTWORK that celebrates the woman they are and restores their confidence.  Work that they hang on their walls and hold in their hands—a day they re-live long after it’s over.

Clients that happily pay your prices because they know that the experience you led them through and the way you made them feel was PRICELESS.

This is the kind of client I believe you all deserve.

And while you’ve been on what feels like a never-ending episode of Dora the Explorer wondering where she’s hiding, she’s not as elusive as you think.

There’s just a few things we’ve gotta square away first because…

She can’t find you until you have a website.

And even if she could, the words on your website have to captivate her in a way that says “I’m the only artist out there for you, and here’s why we are a match made in  boudoir heaven.”

But you can’t write those words until you know who tf you are, and have rock-solid branding that reflects that.

This means she also won’t get your emails…because she doesn’t know you well enough to trust you with her email address.  Guess that means she won’t be answering your phone calls, either.  Womp, womp.

And if, even if, you landed a client by a chance in-person encounter, it’s going to be interesting whipping up a price for her album that is actually profitable if you don’t know your specific cost of doing business.  

It’s also gonna be kind of hard to invoice her for her order without first knowing how you are paying taxes.  If you don’t plan on paying those, I would start envisioning what you might look like in orange….yikes.

Instant Access!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Do you see how easy it is to get hung-up along the way?

No freaking wonder you are a bad combination of confused and discouraged.  This is the kind of merry-go-round that would suck the soul out of even the best of artists.


Which is exactly why I made The 10 Part Business Start in the first place!

Because I know that the internet is a NOISY place. It’s hard to know who you can trust, and how to discern bad from good advice.  I also know that you have better things to do with your time than bootstrapping your business with free opt-in tidbits and random breadcrumbs you find on the internet.  


So I’ve put everything you need to know to create a heartfelt brand that sustains the life you want to live and the business you want to own, here, in one place.  These are the ten topics that, once mastered, will bring you + your dream clients together over and over again…


Business Name…$79
Registering your Business…$19
Social Media…$79
Portfolio Building…$49
Business Insurance…$19
Goal Setting…$79


While I know that all of the knowledge you’ll glean in this course is totally worth it, $600 is quite the bag these days.  

I also know that you are out here fighting for your dreams and could use a win, so instead of a three-figure price tag, you can snag 

The 10 Part Business Start for…