Taking Pictures Outdoors in Noon Light

What's up guys and welcome back to the blog! In boudoir, you can be very selective about the time of day you shoot, and typically it is inside so you have an incredibly controlled environment. Sometimes we have that photoshoot that makes us shoot outdoors, and at NOON! 

This is possibly the worst time of day you could set up taking pictures of your client (depending on what the goals are) but sometimes you just have to. 

In this video I've put together some of my best tips for shooting in that harsh noon sunlight. 

Tip 1: Don't do it!
That's right, if you can avoid it, avoid it. Educate your client as to why shooting at golden hour or at least morning or afternoon would be better. 

Tip 2: Use it!
Too many photographers I see try to ignore what is actually happening and turn it into something that it is not. Have your model look towards the sun to get a more flattering fall off and shadows on her face. This will make for some interesting photographs. Just make sure you say "1, 2, 3, open" for their eyes, otherwise you will have squinty eyes in your portraits!

Tip 3: Use a Scrim!
This scrim is an amazing tool that can act as a reflector, or as a giant softbox that can turn the sun into a nice soft light source, which we are doing here. It is easiest if you have a friend there to hold it with you!
Order yours here: https://amzn.to/2X8NuQK

Tip 4: Find some shade!
There is shade pretty much anywhere, even at noon. Use a tree, a building, a wall or an alleyway so you can control the light. These were my favorite portraits from the entire shoot!

I hope that tutorial video on shooting in harsh light without strobes was helpful! If you have any questions leave them on the YouTube video, and I'll make sure to get back to you! 

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