Hawaii Tropical Tub Challenge

Hello Sasser Fam! I love a good challenge, so when Jaime of @hawaiitropicaltub reached out to me…. Just kidding, I saw her amazing tub and messaged her, “I have to shoot here!” I can be a little forward sometimes. Since Jaime is also an amazing photographer we decided to put together a fun video where we each had 2 minutes setup and take a photo. Talk about an anxiety attack! We had 3 locations:

1: The Graffiti Mural
2: The Sitting Hammock
3: The Tropical Tub  

Mckaela Ryan, our model had the toughest job of all, by the way, why doesn’t she have her own tv show?  

In the graffiti mural, I used a red flower in front of my lens to add a little color to the shot. I love the designs but I thought it needed a little bit of pop. Mckaela loved it so much she basically attacked my watch. Jaime brought in a fur coat… in Hawaii… and it looked AMAZING. When you only have 2 minutes it is easy to forget all of the prop options you have.

Next was the sitting hammock. Jaime went first this time, and she did such a good job styling these shots. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a portrait with a towel on someone’s head. Needless to say, they turned out amazing. I wanted to try a little something different. I’m on this kick right now I want something in front of my lens to show some depth. You can tell me if you think it worked in this photo

Lastly was the tropical tub. This was the one I was most nervous about because I’ve never done a boudoir shoot in a bathtub before, especially not one outside in the nature with trees and plants everywhere. This was Jaime’s bread and butter too! My imagination and creativity paused, but with 2 minutes on the timer you don’t really have a choice but to start trying things! Jaime had another amazing round of course. 

Tell me what you thought of the challenge! Leave it in a comment on the youtube video. Huge thanks to @jessicakobessi for the inspiration! 

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