Eliminating Pricing Inquiries for Photographers

How much do I hate an email that says “Hi, pricing?” More than I hate eating broccoli… and if you know me, that is a LOT. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know your prices, but we have worked so hard to master our craft, but build and expeirience, to create something that will make a true impact in someones life, something that is worth a high price. When someone asks this question, we don’t really get a chance to first share all of the reasons why it is WORTH IT. 

I made a small change on my website to eliminate that price shopping question. You really will be out of the price range of some people, and that is okay, but it is important to know that the more emotionally connected they feel to you and your work, the more likely they will value your photography experience and more likely be willing to spend more money. Have you ever had a budget for something, lets say a watch… Your budget is $100 and you go into 5 stores and don’t see anything that will work. Then you see this one for $200, and you just love it, you start imagining wearing that watch and how it will look in your different outfits, the compliments you’ll receive when someone notices etc. All of the sudden you buy it for double what you first decided. This is how humans work. So watch the video and learn the one small change you need to make on your website to give yourself a better chance to book those clients that would normally just say “Hi, pricing?”