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I get it--starting your own business (especially one as intimate as boudoir photography) is terrifying! But what if you could learn personally from a six-figure earning boudoir photographer who can teach you about client experience, building trust, how to price yourself, and how to pose with confidence?

Portfolio Review

We will go through your images one by one and discuss the good and the bad so we can get your images looking better than ever. You'll start to learn the patterns that make a great picture and be able to consistently shoot quality images no matter who your client is.

Website Review and Critique

Lets take a deep dive into your website and look at the branding, imagery, calls to action, contact form, and all the other details that make someone motivated to send you that first email to start the booking process. This is probably the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to filling up your calendar, and I want to make sure yours is as close to perfect as possible!


Having good images is great, but having a good pricing model can be the difference between a $500 sale and a $1500 sale. We are going to break down your pricing guide and get it working for you. Lets put something together that is going to get you paid what you're worth.

Instagram Growth

Instagram can be an online portfolio, it can be a way to connect with your clients, it can be a way to connect with potential business partners, whatever your goals are with Instagram, we will break it down and set up a plan for you!

Client Communication and Interaction

Do you ever feel like your client might be nervous or uncomfortable, and you wish you knew how to walk her through the process to ease those nerves? We can cover how I guide clients through poses, the kinds of stories I tell to connect with them and get them to trust me. The more comfortable your client is, the better your pictures, and the higher your sales will be.


We can edit your images one by one to show you my workflow, and how I get images ready to sell while taking almost no time at all. We can find the settings that work best for your images, while taking the least amount of time possible.

Creating Videos

If you want to learn how to add video to your offerings, or you want to take video testimonials of your clients we can focus on shooting, editing, audio or any other part of video that you need to create quality videos to grow your business.


To sign up for mentoring, put in your name, email address, website/instagram and what you want to work on most and I’ll get back to you to set up a chat ASAP!


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Michael Sasser

Chief Instructor

Michael Sasser

Hello friend! Nice to meet you! I am Michael Sasser, your instructor for this course and I am SO excited to meet you. I have been a professional photographer for 11 years (I know, I can’t believe it either!). My first job was photographing children’s sports for 16 hours a day in the dead of summer for less than $10 an hour. I decided that I needed to make a change if I was going to make this a real living. I photographed high school senior portraits, headshots, weddings, even music videos and wedding videos until I found boudoir. Now, I’ve been exclusively photographing boudoir for over three years: improving the lives of my clients and enjoying the extra time (and income!) it requires to travel more. I can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

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