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"I can’t wait to show you everything that I’ve learned about finding amazing models and  shooting them all over the world, even without having many pictures or a followers on Instagram!"

Here's What You Get

  • Find The Right Model: I show you what to look for and how to find models that will be a good fit for what you're looking to shoot, and how to avoid the ones who won't.
  • The Perfect Message: I went to Bali and Hawaii and recorded every message I sent and received when setting my shoots there so you can follow along line by line to see what works.
  • Client Communication: All of the behind the scenes is as if you're a fly on the wall, watching me as I go through a real session.
  • Get Inside My Head: I explain exactly what's going through my head, tips for getting variety, why I chose certain words, how I go from average pictures to great pictures and more.
  • ​Behind The Scenes Access: Get the entire, step-by-step breakdown of 2 shoots in Hawaii & Bali that walks you through the entire process from finding models to printing the photos.
  • ​AND MORE!!!
ONLY $147 $99
 I've spent THOUSANDS on other courses that didn't even compare"
— Tanna Dickey
 Your free AND paid classes have been more helpful than any of the others combined."
— Colleena Heenye
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